Off-the-shelf products

Combining Chemspeed’s depth of knowledge and experience into products for the most common requirements

A fully automated and compact benchtop solution which allows you to optimize and speed up sample preparation process.
A Chemspeed Crystal swile product containing a gantry, mutiple vials and an RFID scanner above a touchscreen
A revolutionary, compact and flexible benchtop solution for gravimetric solid dispensing, capable of sub-mg dispensing and sample reformatting.

Getting to know our products

Visit our headquarters in Switzerland, or one of our offices in the UK or US, for a company tour and demo of our products. You can also send samples which we can test and process during your visit.
Can’t make the trip to one of our offices? Have a virtual demonstration of our products from the comfort of your own lab. In collaboration with sample testing, this is a convenient option for those unable to travel.
If you have multiple groups interested in a Chemspeed product, we can bring our smaller, benchtop products to you! A Chemspeed representative will bring a demo unit to your site to give live demonstrations and answer any questions you may have regarding the technology.